Citronella Candles - Summer, Energy, Race Against Mosquitos - Scented Candle, Canola (Rapeseed) Wax


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This extraordinary candle not only captivates with its bright, lemony fragrance but also serves as your guardian against pesky mosquitoes. Harnessing the natural power of citronella, this candle effortlessly transforms your space into a sanctuary, keeping those unwelcome insects at bay.

As the flame dances, so too does the magic of citronella, weaving a shield of fragrant protection. Let the gentle glow of this aromatic candle elevate your moments, turning any outdoor gathering into an enchanting haven where the joy of fragrance meets the triumph over mosquitoes.

Hand poured in our workshop, our candles can help you through your daily routine with their amazing characteristics. They can boost your mood, increase your energy, help you sleep, reduce stress, tension and depression and much more!

All our candles are:

Herbal (made using a mix of canola/rapeseed and coconut wax)
Vegan friendly

We have a variety of perfumes for you to choose according to your mood!
Ocean Wave
Fresh Cotton
Water and Lotus
Lavender with pinewood
Wild Fig
Vanilla Madagascar
Baby Powder
Earl Grey / Bergamot
White Musk
Red Cedar
Evening Primrose
Grandma's Cookies
Bitter Almond
Snow on Spruce
Roasted Chocolate
Funky Christmas Cookie

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