DIY Xmas wooden tree. Cozy, warm.


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Imagine a minimalist marvel, a wooden brick Christmas tree, where simplicity meets ingenuity in a stunning display of modern artistry. Composed of stacked wooden blocks, this unconventional tree defies tradition with its geometric allure. Each brick, a building block in a symmetrical ascent, forms a contemporary silhouette that captures the essence of holiday cheer. Its clean lines and unembellished form echo a tranquil elegance, inviting the spirit of the season into a space with a distinctive, understated grace. In its simplicity lies a unique expression, a testament to creativity that whispers festive joy in a language all its own.

A perfect handmade Christmas tree for you or as a gift made of natural wood. Ideal also for houses with cats, dogs and all kinds of domestic animals with a mood of exploration as it does not have anything fragile..!
Two options for top: simple wooden in the shape of a pyramid or a star made of resin.

Shape and dimensions may differ slightly as they’re entirely handmade. Being handmade means that every one of them is different from the other and therefore there are no identical creations.

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